April 2024

January 2024

December 2023

First planning meeting

2024 DCPC Policy Lab organising committee (Daly, Meyer, O’Neil, Shulz)

November 2023

Conference presentation

Researcher contributions to R packages development: Evidence from GitHub, Australian Social Network Analysis Conference (ASNAC), UNSW, Sydney 27-28 November

Survey launch

2023 Debian Project Survey: Sustainability

October 2023

Press article

Reclaiming Resilience: Fact-checking in the classroom with Wikipedia, Synergy, Victorian School Library Association

July 2023

Conference presentation

Digital commons for the ecological transition: Promises, practices and policies. Political Economy Section, International Association for Media and Communication Research, Lyon 9-13 July

March 2023

September 2022

DCPC Information literacy textbook

May 2022

Press article

Digital Literacy: Using Wikipedia as a factchecking tool, Connections, Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS)

Internal orientation debate

Survey: Debian – follow-up / recognition of digital commons

February 2022

Journal article

January 2022

Press article
Press article

[Kurdish] Talankirina civata nermnivîsên azad, Le monde diplomatique

Press article

[Norwegian] Plyndringen av fri programvare, Le monde diplomatique

Press article

[German] OPEN SOURCE! Der Kampf um freie Software, Le monde diplomatique

Press article

[Spanish] El expolia a la communidad del software libre, Le monde diplomatique

Press article

August 2021

Internal orientation debate

Decision to not formally incorporate the DCPC